2nd Place 3D

Copy of Emmanuel Urena- shadows in the d

Juror's commentary: The movement in this piece is delightful. The copper and stones contrast against the bottomless black form which seems to play a role as negative space as much as it does positive space. The copper could be better thought out and used to weave the forms in the negative space with a bit more definition. I get the sense there could be less or there could be more copper and the piece would be a step further.

Emmanuel Ureña
"Shadows in the Desert"
Plexiglass and wire
24 x 2 1/2 x 24"

Juror's commentary: The title Shadows in the Dessert implies considerations of the locale of EPCC and the connection to the Chihuahua Dessert and the flora that thrives there. The mesquite trees do well in this environment. This work attempts to capture the outer perimeter shadows of the tree. The black plastic tape or membrane seems successfully disintegrated.  It is  provocative in that the angle the photograph is taken better captures and illustrates the interconnected nature of the shadows generated by the mesquite. This perspective of the art piece is successful. The black membrane seems to be more solid at the center of the implied tree and as it moves away from the center the shadow degenerates. The base of the abstracted tree seems to cling to the rocks of the dessert implying the soil type. The focus is the shadowy crown of the tree.

Copy of Emmanuel Urena- shadows in the d
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