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Copy of Emmanuel Urena- golden proportio

Emmanuel Urena

Golden Proportion


8 x 8 x 8"


Juror's commentary: This form is stunning! Beautifully carved and built to deliver light in and out of the piece. The curving tear drop form rests well within straight lines, helping to carry the viewer in and around edges and corners.

Copy of Emmanuel Urena- golden proportio
Copy of Emmanuel Urena- golden proportio

Juror's commentary: It shows a sharp contrast between the subject and the context. The dark background surrounding the lit piece of art is a good balance of light and darkness. It expresses the implied geometries of the golden section strengthening the connection to the title of the art piece. The creativity can be seen in the effort to complete the calculations and prepare the formwork to cast this monolithic form.  It shows the sense of balance when comparing or contrasting the space carved away leaving the solid form behind. Movement is perceived in the juxtaposition of the various three-dimensional forms as one can begin to imagine meandering through the space. Exceptional to good care has been taken with the craftmanship of this piece. The sense of unity is felt in the scale of each portion of the sculpture to each other. Future applications to architectural design are a strong possibility for this piece. Exploration and resolution of the structural elements could prove quite interesting.

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