Honorable Mentions

Copy of Julie Archila - Darks - Film Pho
Julie Archila
Film Photography
8 x 10"

Juror's commentary: A powerful portrait of friendship and power. The play between shadow and light, form and foreground/background feels as though the viewer is in confrontation with these three women. I could think of handfuls of things I might say if I saw these three sitting in a park. Yet- I can’t imagine what they might say!

Lizel Esparza

"A Rite for the Body"

Film Camera

8 x 10"


Copy of Cuca- A rite for the body-Film C

Juror's commentary: What a powerful photo! I was drawn in to the details-- her arm hair creating beautiful line work on her arms while water and hair fall through the frame synonymously. I’m glad that some details of the shower were included, but not a focus.

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